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Why does custom logo embroidered apparel take so long?

This is a question we get asked almost every day.  It’s a good question and one for which there is a logical answer. Actually, creating custom logo embroidered apparel does not take any longer than it did ten years ago. … Continue reading

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4 reasons to consider logo embroidered backpacks

Have you noticed the number of people carrying backpacks around these days?  And it is just not students or young people.  It is business people and professionals who have once again discovered the utility and value backpacks can provide whether … Continue reading

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How long are embroidered logos kept on file?

This is a question that gets asked of us fairly often.  It stands to reason, thousands of customers send us their logos for custom embroidered logo apparel. Sometimes a customer has not ordered embroidered polo shirts from us in a … Continue reading

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I need two logos embroidered on a shirt

Sometimes one logo is not enough.  Sometimes you need another logo embroidered onto a polo shirt or a button down shirt, sweatshirt or jacket. Can that be done?  Absolutely.  What does it cost?  It depends. All of the prices on … Continue reading

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Is embroidered logo apparel advertising?

Many people seem to think that wearing or purchasing some kind of logo embroidered apparel like a polo shirt, cap or jacket is advertising for that company.  That idea stands to reason. Some believe any exposure of a logo or … Continue reading

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