4 reasons to use logo embroidered polo shirts to promote your company

Without question, the custom logo embroidered polo shirt is one of the most common pieces of logo apparel worn by people who wish to promote a company or organization.  There are certainly other pieces of apparel and items that can be used for custom logo embroidery.  But embroidered polo shirts are by far and away the most popular.

k800What is it that make the logo embroidered polo shirt so common and universal?

We think there are four basic reasons for this fact:

First of all, polo or golf shirts are universal.  Everyone wears them.  We all of have a number of them in our closet.  Custom logo embroidered polo shirts look good both on men and women.  Some of the factors that make them so universal are that they are comfortable and fit most all body shapes well.  They can be worn as a uniform, as a casual outfit or dressed up for a more formal affair.

Tens of millions of polo shirts are sold annually in the United States-to both men and l420-polo-shirtwomen.  How many are in your closet right now?  Needless to say, they have been a very popular styles for decades and will most likely remain popular for years to come.  Without question, very universal.

Second, logo embroidered polo shirts are long lasting.  I would be willing to bet you have polo shirts you have been wearing for years.  As I look in my closet, I have polo shirts that are at least 2 or 3 years old that I still wear.  They wear very well and can be worn for years if cared for properly.

Third, they are a very versatile palate for your embroidered logo.  Polo shirts come in a multitude of colors, styles and material.  The advancement in fiber technology means there is a polo shirt that can tackle most any situation you need.  Whether uniforming, promotions or premiums, a golf polo shirt can fill your requirements.  With color blocking and rapid dry materials, they can be worn in most any situation.

k500 home pageBecause of the versatility of polo shirts, you can find a style, color and material that will compliment your brand and your company image.

And finally, one of the best reasons logo embroidered polo shirts are great tools for your company; value.  A good logo embroidered golf shirt can start as low as $16 from Thread Logic including embroidery.  There are a lot of very good quality polo shirts that you can get for $20, including embroidery.

In addition, with the number of impressions that shirt will receive over its lifetime, the return on investment is very good for brand building.

When you think about all the people that will see a logo on your shirt as you go about your day to day business, that is a lot of impressions.  That is a lot of brand building for a $20 investment.  That makes the return on investment very favorable for a logo embroidered polo shirt.

As you can see, choosing a custom logo embroidered polo shirt to outfit your company is a very smart decision.

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