Why we love this shirt-K420

It’s all about the fundamentals, right?  If you are going to have success in just about anything, the fundamentals have to be sound.

When it comes to golf polo shirts for custom logo embroidered apparel, the same is true.  The K420, and its companion the L420, are just that-good fundamentals that should be a part of everyone’s logo apparel line-up.

k420l420-polo-shirtLet’s start with the material-100% cotton.  Nothing fancy here, just sound construction using a material that has been used to make polo shirts for decades.  The ring-spun, combed cotton creates a very soft feel, not rough or scratchy.  The material weight is 7 oz. which makes for a good heavy-duty shirt that can take what you can dish out.

During the manufacturing process, the material is garment washed to reduce any shrinking of the cotton material that may occur.

Next, how about style?  Again, nothing fancy-banded sleeves that match the flat knit collar.  It also features a traditional, relaxed look that will flatter your team no matter who wears it.

For men, it is available in sizes from XS to 6XL.  For women it comes in sizes XS to 4XL.  That size range covers just about everyone on your team.

And finally, colors.  The K420/L420 is available in 24 great colors.  If you can’t find a color here to compliment your logo, you aren’t looking hard enough.

If you aren’t sure what is going to work best or are confused by all the choices, it is always smart to go back to the fundamentals.  The K420/L420 are outstanding choices when you are looking for a good solid shirts for your logo embroidered apparel.

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