Why custom embroidery for your logo apparel

There are many methods to put a logo onto a piece of apparel.  Companies and organizations who wish to display their brand can choose from a wide array to ways to decorate a shirt.  You want to make sure you are choosing the right method for your company.

Embroidery remains one of the top methods of logo apparel decoration for a number of reasons.  Today we will explore some of those reasons.

moosedogsEmbroidery is diverse.  It can be used to embellish baseball caps, golf towels, polo shirts, backpacks, etc.  The results of the embroidered logo are consistent from piece to piece and the item produced is a high quality item with a perceived high value.

Embroidery is quality.  Most everyone agrees, an embroidered logo represents the highest quality decorating method available.  When a logo is embroidered, the brand is also perceived as representing a high quality company.

Embroidery is misunderstood.  There are less expensive choices out there for the marketer to choose when branding apparel for their company.  Limited budgets may lead some companies to consider printing options.  But the axiom that you get what you pay for remains true for decorated apparel.

Embroidery may be slightly more expensive way to present your logo, but if you are representing a quality brand, it is the best representation of quality.

Embroidery is for small orders.  For printing options to be less expensive than Amercia's-Best-Companies-prembroidery, a quantity of items generally needs to be produced.  Embroidery is very cost effective when done on single pieces, small orders to hundreds or even thousands of pieces.

Embroidery isn’t limited.  Unlike ink, which is limited to embellishment of apparel that’s smooth textured, embroidery thread can be applied to a multitude of fabrics.  Fabrics which have a lot of dimension like pique knits and polar fleece make for great palettes for embroidery.  In addition the thread used in embroidery is soft and pliable enough to be comfortable when worn.

Moss LandingEmbroidery is durable.  Quality embroidery thread is designed to stand up to heavy laundering with colors that won’t fade in wash water as hot as 203 degrees F.  It is more common for a shirt to wear out before the embroidered image does.

As you can see there are a number of reasons to choose embroidery for your logo decorated apparel.  It is always important to consider your needs when making this decision.  Considerations like the item being worn, the person(s) who is going to wear it and the conditions that it will be worn are very important as well.

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One Response to Why custom embroidery for your logo apparel

  1. Thanks for sharing your article about customized embroidery for your logo apparel. I like that you talked about how embroidery can mean a high-quality company. My aunt is interested in opening a business, and she’s looking into different options to design her brand logo. It’s important for her to choose a method that will perceive her business as a professional company. I will make sure to share your blog with her so she can consider embroidery.

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