Thread Logic goes Hollywood

At the core of our business, Thread Logic provides custom logo embroidered apparel for thousands of businesses and organizations all across the United States.  That includes everything from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations.  Included in that list of organizations is the occasional entertainment company.

Over the past few years, we have provided custom logo embroidered apparel for companies involved in the production of movies and TV shows that you probably have heard of or watched.

You never know who is going to find your company on the Internet.  Here is a sample of some of the movie productions and TV shows for which we have done embroidered logo apparel.

We did some basebThe-Help-proofall caps for the art department that was working on the movie, The Help.  This is the logo that was originally designed for the movie but was later changed.  The caps we did were sent to Mississippi where the movie was being filmed.

Right after Conan O’Brien moved over to TBS from COCO-is-with-tbs-ProofNBC, Turner Broadcasting purchased some baseball caps that we believe were given to audience members of the first few shows.

the-Voice-sewout-proofThere is a team at The Voice called The Screen Team who is responsible for all of the elements you see onscreen when the singers are performing.  We did some jackets with this logo for that team at the end of last season.  We had to rush the order so they would get the jackets before the end of the season.

Another team on the show liked them so much; they also ordered jackets from us.

This past fall we received an order from Kevin Bacon for his new Fox TV show, Thesewout-on-hat-proof Following.  We embroidered the logo onto some cool knit caps with earflaps.  The caps were purchased by Bacon, one of the stars of the show, as a gift to the crew right before their Christmas break 2012.

Bacon wanted the logo in a “blood red” color so we did a sample and sent to him before we completed the rest of the order.  Now after seeing the show, I understand why he wanted the blood red color.

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