Introducing a new logo for Thread Logic

Thread Logic is ten years old this year.  That is a major milestone for any company.  In fact, I read recently that only 3% of new companies make it to 10 years.

As part of the celebration of this event, we have decided to upgrade the Thread Logic logo.  The original logo is one I created ten years ago and it is one I have never really liked.  There isn’t anything major wrong with it, just a lot of little things that bugged me.  And now, ten years later, it feels a little tired and outdated.  It was just time to hit the reset button.

I have written a number of posts in this blog about logo design.  I also get an opportunity to talk to customers about their logos when it comes to embroidering them onto shirts.  So this exercise gave me an opportunity to implement some of that advice and guidance I have been talking about for years.

I’m really excited about the new design.  It’s neat, clean and easy to read which is a requirement of mine when it comes to logos.  The most important job of any logo is to communicate the name of the company.

I believe this logo does that really well.  In addition, the unique treatment of the typeface also offers it some personality. But I will talk more about that in future posts.

We are in the process of introducing it to our customers and into the market.  We released it on the Thread Logic Facebook page a few days ago.  I am hoping to get our website updated this week with it.  It will fit very nicely into our current website so we don’t have to go through a complete redesign of the site.

In the next few blog entries, I will chronicle my experience and process of creating a new logo.  I will also share with you some of the rejected designs and why they were rejected.

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