People don’t buy from websites

As most of you already know, Thread Logic operates a fairly successful Internet business model in the logo embroidered apparel industry.  One of the things that I think helps us is a concept I learned from a marketing research firm and implemented a few years ago about Internet marketing.

It was this idea that people don’t buy from websites, people buy from people.

So what does that mean?  It means people are genuinely interested in other people.  People are interested in the people they buy from. People are interested in the stories behind companies.

People don’t buy just from any old website they happen to land on; they want to know the people behind the website or company.

The Internet is a big, anonymous place to do business.  There are lots of bad people trying to take one thing or another from us.  One of the goals of your website is to build credibility in the eyes of a very skeptical Internet audience and/or website visitor.

As small businesses, we have little or no credibility established with our potential customers.  We are not Target or Best Buy who have well established brand promises.

One way to do that is to personalize your website and tell your story to your customers.

So how has Thread Logic done that?  We have implemented this idea on the About Us page of our website  On that page you will see a picture of me and the story behind Thread Logic.

Another way we implement this idea is by listed our physical address on the Contact page.  It gives the visitor some credibility when people know we have a physical location and are not some shell company operated by someone overseas.

If I click on an About Us page and see an 800 number and an email address, that creates doubt about who is running this company and where they are located.  Without providing this information is seems as though you have something to hide-something you don’t want me to know.

I find myself clicking on a lot of About Us pages of websites. I am interested in the stories behind different companies.  But I have to admit it is very frustrating what people put on this page.  All too often it is some innocuous company mission statement or a description of the products or services they provide.  When I read about your company being a “solutions provider” all I hear is “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”.

I am interested in knowing something about the people behind the company.

Most of us who are business owners have an interesting story to tell in terms of what brought us to business ownership.  Take that opportunity on the About Us page to tell that story.  Add a picture of the company leadership and/or some employees.

Sure, some people don’t care about this information.  And they will never click on the About Us page of your website.  But many people do care and will click.  For those who do, give them something that helps them make a decision about doing business with you.

The more you can humanize the experience of your website visitors, the more successful you will be.  So next time you are thinking about a redesign of your website, remember, people don’t buy from websites, people buy from people.

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