What’s More Fun?

I get asked a lot of questions.  When I am talking to people, customers or other business owners there are always questions people have about my company-Thread Logic, the Internet marketing model we employ and my business philosophy.  And to be honest with you, I really don’t mind it.  Like most business owners, I enjoy talking about my business.

But I got asked a question recently that I had not been asked before.  More interestingly, it was a question I had not even thought about.  The question was framed in the context that I had started the company from scratch and it is now 9 years old.

The question was, “Are you having more fun now or during the time you were in start-up?’

It set me back for a moment.  It was a really good question.  But the answer came fairly quickly for me.  I am definitely having more fun right now.

Since that conversation, I have had some time to reflect on that question and analyze if that is really the case.  I stand by the answer.

At start up there are so many decisions to make.  The organization is so fragile.  The smallest wrong decision at the wrong time can doom the whole operation.  The hard part is, many of the situations come quickly and there isn’t always time to properly analyze the options.

Today, Thread Logic is much more stable.  Therefore, there is time to analyze options and make decisions.  In addition, it would take a much bigger, wrong decision, to take the business down.

In start-up, at the beginning of every month you are worried about where the sales are going to come from.  The sales funnel is more unstable and you worry if there are going to be enough sales that month to cover your costs.

Thread Logic is in a place now where the sales are coming consistently.  The sales funnel has some things in it and we have a large enough customer base to keep it going.  Certainly there are variations month to month, but I really don’t have to worry if sales are going to come or not.

In the early days it was just me.  I did everything, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, production, ordering goods and supplies, etc. etc..  If I took a day off, I didn’t make any money and nothing got done.  Now I have employees to do many of those tasks. I can concentrate on what I do well and like to do which is marketing and guiding the business.  In addition, I can take a day off here or there and now shirts are still getting embroidered and shipped.

But I think the thing that is the most fun about this time right now is the satisfaction in knowing the model works.  It is the proof of concept.  It is in the gratification of solving a problem to the point that it can sustain the business.

In start-up, you think you have a good idea.  You think you can make the right decisions to make it successful.  You think you know what you are doing.

There are serial entrepreneurs who are in it for the thrill of the start-up.  Then once it gets going, they move on to the next start-up.  The thrill for me is in the proof of the idea.  I am having way more fun now.

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