Shirts Go from Peking to Paris in Historic Road Rally

One of the great things about this business is you just never know who is going to buy embroidered logo apparel from you and where that apparel will end up in the world.

Mark Winkelman with his 1932 Plymouth and a Thread Logic shirt that has seen better days.

Take Mark Winkelman, who in August bought a number of embroidered items from Thread Logic to be used by his team in an upcoming antique car road rally.  But this is not just any road rally.  This is the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge (yes, China to France!).

The Peking to Paris is a 10,000 mile, 7-week adventure that included “fraught and frustrating border crossings… the remarkable friendliness and hospitality of complete strangers… the pain and despair of breakdowns and the triumph of miracle repairs and camping under star-laden skies”.

The event featured 98 cars representing 27 different countries.  Twelve cars did not finish the race.

Find out more at

Mark and his race partner Victor Silveira da Conceicao drove a 1932 Plymouth PB3 Coupe.  When Mark sent us this photo, he said, “As you can see, some of the shirts will not recover.”  He added, “Many of the other participants were very jealous of our great looking uniforms”.

Congratulations to Mark and his team for completing such a grueling race.  We are proud our shirts made the trip with you!!

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