Buying Embroidered Apparel for a Large Group

You have been assigned the task.  Get 250 logo embroidered polo shirts for the (fill in the name of event, company or occasion).  It won’t be possible to get sizes from each individual so you will have to guess.  How many of each shirt size should you get?

“Is there a formula for buying embroidered shirts for a group?”  We get asked this question a lot.  And the answer, unfortunately is no.  But there is hope.  Here are some general guidelines that we can help.

Women’s Sizes

If the group has both men and women there is a temptation to purchase both a men and a women’s style of shirt.  This is possible, but in doing so, you have added a level of complexity to the situation.

The easiest solution is to go with a unisex shirt for your logo apparel.  That will give you more flexibility when it comes to sizing everyone.

(Remember this for unisex sizing.  Use a unisex size that is one size smaller than a women’s size.  For example, a woman who normally wears a large in a women’s size will fit a unisex size medium).

What Kind of Group?

If you are buying embroidered logo apparel for a group of construction workers you would approach the sizing issue differently than if you are buying for a high school dance team.  Seems obvious enough, right?

Who is in the Group?

Think about who makes up the group: men, women, young adults, ages, sizes, etc.  If your group of 100 is mostly males over the age of 40 you will want to skew the sizes upward.  If it is mostly women, it will skew smaller.

Is it a graphic design company made up of younger adults or an engineering firm of mostly older males?

Extra Shirts

If your budget allows, we would recommend getting a few extra embroidered shirts.  This is a bit of a guessing game and you would hate to run out of mediums and have too many extra 2XL sizes.

Considering ordering 5% to 10% more than the actual number you need.  Spread those extra shirts across your sizes similar to the size distribution.  That way you have a better chance of getting the right size for everyone.

Guess Big

I always tell people, if you are a “tweener” size (sometimes a large and sometimes an XL), get the bigger shirt.  You will wear it if it is a little too big; you will not wear it if it is a little too small.

So, if you have some people in your group you are not sure about, (maybe a M or maybe a L) get the bigger size.  There is a better chance that will work than the smaller one.

The Breakdown

So here is a place to start.  There is no guarantee these numbers are perfect for your group, but you can start here and adjust to the specifics of your group.

S        2%

M       15%

L        35%

XL      35%

2XL     12%

3XL     1%

There is no hard and fast rule here.  This is just a guideline.  You may not have any S sizes in your group then adjust accordingly.  Same with the 3XL, but this at least gives you a place to start.

Buying for a larger group can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be if you can apply some basic principles to your thought process.  Good luck.

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  1. Zippie60 says:

    thanks, that helped me a lot!

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