Size Matters Part 1

“How big will my logo be?”  It’s a question that gets asked of us often when someone is purchasing custom logo embroidered apparel.  If only it were as easy to answer that question as it was to ask it.  The answer is “It depends.”  (You didn’t expect an easy answer did you?)  It feels like the question is asked as if there is a standard dimension.  But there is no standard size for a left chest embroidered image.

Most logos with a horizontal orientation look their best when embroidered to the size of a business card which is 2 inches by 3.5 inches.  That size makes the image big enough to be easily seen by others, but not too big for the shirt.

But is that a standard, no.  Every logo is different. It all depends on the logo design and the elements (text or graphics) that make up the logo.

Many times the size of the embroidered logo is determined by the smallest elements in the logo. We may have to increase the size of the logo to make sure the smallest elements will embroider cleanly.  But there is a limit as to how big we can make a logo before the returns are diminished.

Everything is a Compromise

Life would be so much easier if we can just make every logo big enough so all the small details would embroider cleanly.  But life is never easy, right?  Why? Because at some point, a large embroidered logo will look out of proportion on the left chest of a shirt.

There is a limited amount of space between the buttons (or placket) of a shirt and the arm pits.

If the logo is much more than 4” wide, it begins to dominate that space and look like you tried to squeeze too much information into a limited space.

So that creates a compromise between the size of the logo and how cleanly the small elements can be embroidered.  It is constant balancing act between size and embroiderability.

Circle Logos

Logos that are based on circles are a completely different animal.  A logo based on a circle covers more surface space than a logo that is oriented horizontally or vertically.  Therefore it “looks” bigger even though it’s dimensions may be smaller.

We have found a circular logo with a diameter of 2.5 inches is optimal for embroidery.  Any bigger and again, it looks out of proportion and out of place on a shirt.

The challenge is keeping that circle at about a 2.5 inch size and then being able to have all the elements of that logo big enough to embroider.

As you can see, the size of the logo does matter on a shirt when it comes to visibility and the quality of the embroidery.


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  1. Very helpful information. Thank you!

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