Location. Location. Location.

You may not realize it, but the location of your embroidered logo does matter.   As in real estate, location does matter. 

In this post, I am going to illustrate the 3 most popular locations and things you may consider when choosing a location for your embroidered logo.

Left Chest: Without question the left chest location is the most popular.  Nearly 80% of the logos we embroider are on left chest; and for good reason.

The left chest location is both common and popular.   The left chest also provides a very good palette for a logo; not too big and not too small.  Most logos embroidered on the left chest are framed nicely between the buttons and the arms of a shirt.

The left chest location is also very visible.  When approaching or talking to someone, it is very easy to see a logo embroidered in that location.

So what are the disadvantages?  Some customers prefer a more subtle or less visible location.  They don’t always want to be “out front” with the logo standing off their shirt.

Also, some women are uncomfortable with a left chest location because it draws attention to that area of their body.

But if your goal is a very visible, popular location for your logo, the left chest location is hard to beat.

Sleeve: The left sleeve is the second most popular location for an embroidered logo.  The sleeve is a more subtle location than the left chest.  It is not as easily seen when approaching or talking to someone, but it is still there.

That can work to your advantage if you are in an environment or location where is a lot of people or you are not always directly face-to-face with people.

The left sleeve offers a great opportunity to put additional information like a partner logo, tagline or web address.  We have done a number of shirts with a brand or product logo on the left chest and the parent company logo on the left sleeve.  It still creates an association without the logos competing for attention.

Taglines and web addresses are usually created in very small text, which is a problem for embroidery.  So putting that information on the left sleeve away from the logo gives us an opportunity to make that text bigger and thus it will look cleaner embroidered.

And given the proximity of the left sleeve to the left chest, there is still an association with the logo that is embroidered on the left chest of any tagline or web address information.

Yoke: The yoke is the small area on the back of a shirt just under the collar.  It is not a common location for embroidery.  But in the right situations it might make sense for some people.

The yoke area again is more subtle and may be less visible than the left chest.  But that is OK for some people.  Having a shirt branded with a logo someplace on a shirt may be more important than the visibility of the logo.

Embroidery in the yoke area works really well in situations where the logo may be seen by people in other than face-to-face meetings.  For example, a trade show floor where people are walking around or standing in line.

The yoke also makes a good location for extra messaging like a partner logo, taglines and web addresses.

As you can see, the location does matter and different locations can have different effects.  If you are looking for something different, next time consider the location of your embroidered logo.

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